Intergroup has 6 workshops currently and is available to come to your group and spend 45 minutes discussing the relevant topic.  We don’t profess to be experts, but can gather people with experience in the area to start the conversation so that the groups or individuals can begin their conversations at home or their home group:

  • Hotline and 12th Step workshop:  We explain the different in Hotline volunteers and 12th Step volunteers.  We also give Hotline and 12th Step suggestions and cover various scenarios so participants can be comfortable with process.  We also collect volunteers to join the list.
  • Anonymity and Technology Workshop:  We cover the traditions and how anonymity is affected by Social Media, email and other technology related breeches. 
  • Chairperson Workshop:  A panel of 3 people are assembled to talk about successful chairperson practices including handling disruptions and adhering to group conscience decisions regarding meeting format, open/closed meetings .  Usually accompanied with the AA pamphlet The Group.
  • Sponsorship Workshop:  A panel of 3 people are present suggestions for sponsorship, and share their experience.
  • Safety in AA:  A panel of 3 present the Safety in AA (F-211) card, as well as Safety and AA:  Our Common Welfare.   Topics include group safety and unity, primary purpose and emergencies.   One or more panel members talk about their personal experience and resolution.
  • Traditions Workshop –
    Covers the 12 traditions

Other customized workshops are available upon request.