Safety in AA Workshop

Join Intergroup and the Free Life Group in Shawnee to have a conversation about “Safety in AA”*.


What do we do about threats in a meeting?

13th Stepping?

Do we watch out for others in our group?

Do we discuss this topic in our Group Conscience meeting?

Location:  Free Life Group 1827 N Airport Dr, Shawnee, OK

When:  11:30 am on Sunday Jan 13, 2019

Food:  YES!  Pizza.

*Based on Conference Approved Literature


Red River Valley Rally

November 16, 17 & 18, 2018

Conf Chair Gene E: 918-899-0076

Our First News

Welcome to the new web page for OKC Intergroup!

We hope that by updating the available info and making it in a more current format, that it will make it easier help people looking for help or information.

We have also added a chat feature to allow those who prefer chat to reach out.

2018 National Corrections Conference

2018 National Corrections Conference
Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks
200 Sable Oaks Dr
South Portland, ME 04106

Join us for the 2nd National Corrections Conference for North America. The purpose of this weekend is for AA members involved in correction work behind the bars to come together, share experience, exchange information, and hear from corrections professionals, former inmates, and other trusted servants throughout the US and Canada. We hope to inspire AA members everywhere to get involved in this important and rewarding service.